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Guided Meditations,  Affirmations  Meditation Music, and Inspirations.


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Guided Meditation for your Purpose and Potential
You are a gift to the world and all of your purpose is already inside you, where it always has been.  
Be gentle with yourself and allow your purpose to unfold. 

I truly believe that all of our purpose and potential is already contained within us. It is not something we have to search outside for.  Like the DNA in our cells, we are likened to nature with a seed that contains all of our potential and purpose.  A tree or a beautiful flower has a blueprint to its growth contained within the original seed.  All of the answers to our questions.  We only need to listen with a quiet mind to feel what is already within us.  

Change your Beliefs from Hard to Easy​​  
Like the greats say "What you think about you bring about'.  Use this guided affirmation to bring about some ease in your experience. 

Using Law of Attraction and Guided Affirmations to assist you to change the 'everything is hard' belief to "everything is easy". Our mental dialogue plays a huge role in our life and the type of experiences we attract. With a little help, mental discipline and consistency you can change any old limiting beliefs you hold and transform them into new life empowering thoughts and feelings. Have fun and enjoy the process. Thank you for watching.

How to Sooth Feelings of Overwhelm
Guided affirmation to help you to sooth yourself in times of overwhelm.

Focusing on everything you have to do or the problems in life are not going to make them go away.  Energy flows where attention goes.  Lets sooth ourselves, we can do it.  We can change our focus and assist ourselves to feel better.  When we feel good, more relaxed and happy, everything gets easier and we allow space for things to naturally work out for the best.  
Let Your Light Shine
Allow yourself to fully shine, you are an amazing expression of the infinate.
Be who you were born to be.  
"We were born make manifest the GLORY of GOD that is within us.  It's not just in some of us; IT’S IN EVERYONE. 
You are one with the universe.  You are God, you are the creator, all that you need is within you now.  


Feel Your Soul
Guided Meditation to help you feel the amazing being you are. 

Meditation has been an amazing catalyst to physically feel peace and joy and allowed me to create space for expansion. I love it so much that I want to share what I have seen and felt for anyone who is searching or interested. This particular track is an easy relaxation, (feeling relaxed helps in every aspect of life) and then guides you to experience the unfolding of your being in the energy that is around you. Sometimes it is easier to feel your expansiveness when you move your attention of your being outside your body. Then you can bring all that beautiful feeling of freedom and lightness back into your body and allow it to permeate every cell. I love that feeling and I hope you enjoy this track.
Love and blessings and enjoy making space for yourself.

Releasing Resistance
Helping you to let go of old limiting patterns and using Law of Attraction to tell a new story.

Letting your resistance go, seeing and feeling it peeling away from your body, releasing anything that no longer serves you on this journey. Then we allow space for new self belief, telling a new story, letting it in. Using Law of Attraction and the Law of Allowing to tell the new empowered story of your life.

Album - Guided Meditations for Abundance
Setting a strong foundation of inner alignment first then manifesting abundance on all levels of your life

Allow some space for your inner being, your soul to be expressed and watch as your life unfolds with beauty and abundance on all levels.

Inspired Speech - Understanding and experiencing your true vibrational self

The fundamental truth, proven by science. You are energy vibrating and so is everything else.  

Manifest What You Want
Inspired speech to help you use the Law of Attraction.

Think it, feel it, believe it can be apart of your life, expect it to happen (without attachment to when it might happen), enjoy your life right now and be grateful.
Have fun :) 

Guided Meditation for Letting Go

Go on a journey, allow yourself to get into the FLOW of your life energy stream. Let go of resisting or pushing, RELAX, listen to your breathing and allow the flow to carry you. 

Devote Time to Yourself
​Inspired speech to help you to allow time for you.

It starts within. Take a little time for you first and everything else in life will become clearer and easier.

Where is the Love
Inspired Speech about unconditional love and well being that surrounds all of us. 

You are surrounded in love and happiness, support and joy. You are not alone, there are many beings around you helping you all the time. Open your vision to see all the love and support that is around you. Open your HEART to the love and support that is within you. There are no dark forces, there is only love, truly only love. Our own fear is the only thing that has caused anything else. Feel the love that you are swimming in. You are energy and the energy that is permeating and creating everything is LOVE. We are all able to be in concert with this love when we allow it to permeate our energy fields. 

Sounds of Flow 
Peaceful Meditation Music 

Beautiful, peaceful music for meditation.  Drifting and dreaming, relaxing and breathing.  Enjoy your own peacefulness and stillness. 

The benifits of stillness.  Feeling yourself in stillness helps you in every single area of your life.   

Feel better now.  Start meditating, make it a regular morning or evening habit.  To find your own stillness and presence that will benefit you in ways you could never imagine.  

Feel Good Now so you can Feel Good Later

 What you need is already within you, you can be happy now, not later when conditions change. Now. Happiness comes from within you. It is IN YOU.

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