Healing Sessions
Energy Healing Sessions are available in my therapy room located on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia, but if the location is an issue I can do Skype or phone sessions with remote energy work. 

The general layout of a session is as follows; (but is subject to change depending on individual requirements of the client).

  • I read your energy and do a body scan to see where the blockages are or what mental or emotional issues they are relating to.  Generally, this is done before your session.  

  • Then I discuss what I have seen and received with you.

  • The session continues with a short relaxation and then I start working with the energy.  Clearing out and removing any energy blocks, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

  • Following this we re-align you with your true nature, using Theta and Genome healing techniques, giving your inner self an opportunity to express itself.  Emotions, trauma and belief systems can be held in different parts of the body, so we work together to give the masculine and feminine aspects a voice.  Then we download the Creators perfect blueprint which allows the organ or belief system to return to optimal functioning. It is quite remarkable how patterns of relationships within one’s self are so often expressed outside in their lives. 

I recommend you have 1 or 2 main issues in mind you would like help with before you are scheduled for your session.

Standard fee is $150 AUD and sessions usually last for 1.5 hours.  

  If you have booked in for a healing and your appointment has been confirmed, you can pay by cash, direct transfer (within Australia) or use Pay Pal :)

Who Can Be Assisted In Healings
I can work with individuals to assist in physical ailments, mental, emotional or spiritual issues.
Anyone who has a desire to be in closer alignment with who they truly are and who wish to get closer to what they desire in life, whether that is the soul mate of their dreams, a fulfilling and purposeful job or business, greater physical, mental or emotional health.
Especially anyone who is aware of a belief system or thought that is holding them back, but just need some help to unlock an alternative.
Especially those who are willing to take responsibility for the fact that they have created the issues in their life that need changing for greater happiness to prevail.
I can also work on animals or children through willing surrogates (e.g. a mother sits in place of a child with autism, or a loving pet owner can sit in place of their beloved sick animal). 

All that is required is for you to have an open mind and be willing to acknowledge that the unseen can be a place of tremendous healing.