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About Jess
I have grown up with a strong awareness of source and have always been very sensitive to energy.  As a young child, my mother had regular meditation groups and I always wanted to learn and know more and practiced whenever I could.  I completed a degree in psychology at the University of Queensland and along the way acquired counseling certificates and completed various alternative therapy courses.   

I stepped away from all the "spiritual stuff" for a number of years realizing that not everyone could see or hear what I could and felt that I needed to live a successful life without all that 'mumbo jumbo'.  I also felt that I needed to be firmly in the physical if I was going to be a good mother, employee, and partner.  This did not work.   What began as a little whisper developed into a roar from my heart that wanted to be expressed.  I soon discovered that when I gave time to my inner self first and listened and followed my heart, that EVERYTHING in my life including raising 2 beautiful children, working and helping my wonderful husband with his business, all became easier and more enjoyable when I started listening and acknowledging who I truly am and doing what makes me feel good.
So, here we are.  I am able to hear source or guidance, see people’s vibrational energy bodies, and feel, see or hear where blockages are in the physical body, when requested to do so. I am able to hear guidance from source when doing a reading for someone indicating what is going on for that person in their life in general and in specific areas. 

Through the alternative therapy's studied such as Orion Theta Healing and Genome Human Energetic Intensive and Masters, additionally with my counselling and psychology degree, I have learnt many tools to help move the physical, emotional or mental energy blockages out and align clients so that they may be able to move through the issue with ease. 
I am a very strong believer in the power of our mind and feelings to create our life, and believe firmly through experience that the Law of Attraction is real and available for everyone.   However, sometimes we are so far away from our own true nature and unaware of our vibrational frequency that we don't know what thoughts we are thinking.  We can be unaware of beliefs that are being played out in our life and therefore how we are responsible for what we are attracting to ourselves.

That is where I am able to help you, to go beyond, to the core of your vibration and to access the true inner self.  I use Genome Human Energetic techniques to access the unconscious aspects of specific areas in the body, allowing acknowledgment of the inner masculine and feminine aspects, resolving disconnection and bringing in the Creators Perfect Blueprint for optimal functioning.  

My ultimate aim is to help others become aware of their inner self so they can heal themselves and follow their own good feelings to total bliss.
You are loved, you are valued, you are worthy and everything is meant to work out for you.
Abraham - Esther Hicks